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# by RyeWoz on 02/03/12 at 04:27:43

I have always been amazed by the software development that goes into mobile phones and wonder how people are able to create what they do (such as the sound set mentioned in this post). The only thing that amazes me more than that would have to be the actual electronics that allow a mobile phone to not only operate, but to power the software that we as mobile phone owners have come to enjoy. I decided that I am going to school for electrical engineering so that I can one day understand how to create the electronics found in mobile phones. I have already started looking at a few company websites, such as for example, to learn more about the companies that create electronics such as the ones found in mobile phones just so that I can hopefully gain some sort of head start on my studies.

# by RyeWoz on 01/16/12 at 21:30:02

The boys of the Bay are about to do it yet again! I can't believe how well Jim Harbaugh has turned the 49ers around this season. One more SuperBowl and they will tie the Steelers for the most by any team! I love the logos you made here. What gave you the idea to use a brown duck? So how did you create such neat logos? Is there a specific program you used to make these or did you create them from a website, such as for example?

# by RyeWoz on 12/12/11 at 17:09:38

This is a great recreation of Wheatley. He really made Portal 2 what it was and had me laughing non-stop through the game. So what program did you use to draw your logo of him? I have always wanted to create a cool logo for myself but I'm not very artistic. lol I heard that you can make your own logos on so I'll have to check it out.