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# by iDarryl on 04/01/08 at 00:30:15

Well done!!! A hearty /chuck to you BklynKid!

# by iDarryl on 06/14/07 at 21:34:50

That sounds like an awesome idea! If only someone could do that... Seriously, I'm not sure I would know how to do that and I'm sure someone else could do it a lot quicker. If anyone wants to do it you could either send me the changes to the script, tell me specifically what to do, or make your own, new script.

# by iDarryl on 08/24/06 at 21:59:57

If I have somehow helped to inspire this script, I needent worry about having a child of my own...

# by iDarryl on 06/29/06 at 16:44:22

Sure, I'll be camping all weekend (see: Tofino, BC), but if I'm here I'll have a look at it

# by iDarryl on 06/29/06 at 14:35:44

OK, I remember how to now... believe me, you DON'T need to be good at this stuff at all...

open your home folder (not the HD), Library, Application Support, Adium (if you can't see it here, go back and find the proper home folder), Scripts, make a copy of chuck.adiumscripts, then Ctrl+Click one of them, Show Package Contents, Contents, then open info.plist with the Text Editor, change everything in there that refers to chuck to arnie or however you want to do it... save that file.

Open resources, then double-click chuck.scpt. Easy from there, just change all of the text, not the script stuff. Save that file as whatever.scpt

Ta-da! you've just created your own script upload it and, who knows, maybe you'll get 1.64 million downloads - I might be a bit choked if you do...