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# by unrealnighthawk on 10/18/12 at 00:05:32

Something like the ole Challenge / Response plugin (which no longer works) is exactly what I'm looking for.

# by unrealnighthawk on 10/18/12 at 00:04:09

I second this motion. I get a lot of spam messages that would be easily filtered out if they only had to type something very specific to pass the filter.

# by unrealnighthawk on 10/17/12 at 23:55:20

I'd also love to see this in black!

# by unrealnighthawk on 03/26/12 at 22:49:09

This plugin doesn't seem to work with the latest version of Adium 1.5. It was automatically disabled after it notified me that it was not compatible. Any chance we could get some support for upgrading this? I still get a ton of spam on one of my accounts and this is the only thing keeping me sane. :-)