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# by swizzinex on 02/26/13 at 13:11:09

The current Version of the Skype Plugin (1.1) opens multiple instances of a Group Chat occasionally, when other contacts post something to the group.
In my case, I have set a group chat as Bookmark in Adium and gave it a proper name - not sure, if this leads to the case that the Skype Plugin cannot "find" the real Group Chat?

Further, the issue with some Skype message not appearing in Adium through the Skype API is still persitent! I am using the most recent Version of Adium as well (1.7hgr5363)

# by swizzinex on 05/22/12 at 07:40:30

I don't see any pattern of when it works and when not. I don't receive messages of newly added contacts, but for some new contacts it does work. Then it works for many existing contacts, but for some it doesn't.
How can I generate a Debug Log? Do I have to run Adium in Debug Mode (holding down option key when launching, as proposed by @ramonrails) to get it?

# by swizzinex on 05/08/12 at 13:06:44

Hi there. Unfortunately I have a strange problem with the Skype Plugin for Adium (all apps & components in the most recent version!): I do not receive every message of my Skype contacts in Adium. Like 90% work, but there are a few that do not show up in Adium... personally the big downside of it is, that I don't receive the messages from my Boss ;) I just ocassionally see them when I am switching back to Skype itself.

Any clues why this might happen, if I can fix it myself or how I can dig the real issue behind it down?