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# by Clartee on 07/15/12 at 20:04:25

No problem ;D

# by Clartee on 07/15/12 at 19:59:52

(This means I haven't recognized any problems with the style. I use it everyday)

# by Clartee on 07/15/12 at 19:57:03

Hey maya923, I'm not quite sure what you are talking about. I also use Mountain Lion and you can change the Colour Scheme on Adium by klicking on "Adium" -> "Preferences". In the preference-window you can choose colour-variant. You can select on of the five different colour-schemes, all with an optional light or dark background. Hope that will help you. Are the colour-schemes different from those in the preview?

By the way: I'm pretty busy at work at the moment. On my way to work in the sub I always scribble some new variants, I plan to bring out an update the next week ;D

# by Clartee on 06/09/12 at 18:11:10

Wow, thank you so much for this comment! It encourages me to continue this work as fast as possible! ;D