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# by Disabler on 06/03/07 at 23:11:45

One word: Beautiful.

# by Disabler on 01/25/06 at 14:37:15

The entire set included with this contact list style is great, and fits in perfectly with the Shapeshifter theme, Milk.
I'm probably going to be using this for a while. ;)

# by Disabler on 12/11/05 at 15:08:24

A replacement for that freaky looking AIM dude! A less detailed MSN butterfly! Perfect! I'm glad you decided to make service icons.

# by Disabler on 12/03/05 at 23:09:56

Yep. Sorry about commenting over and over again. I've fixed all the bugs I can remember and cut the file-size in-half. If you ever read this, here's my version:
If you don't read this, I might as well submit that version.

# by Disabler on 12/03/05 at 21:56:21

I'm also having a lag when I switch to Somatic Status Icons in Preferences: Appearance. I think the problem is in the .plist file.