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# by jotzi on 03/13/13 at 15:58:48

I thought, since Facebook does mark buddies in chat when connected via mobile, that it was possible to retrieve that information directly from Facebook. But if it is Facebook that gives or not informations specifically to the chat client, probably there's no way out.
Still, I'll check this page if things will ever change...
Thank you again!

# by jotzi on 03/13/13 at 15:48:58

Great plugin.
Is it possible to implement the option to mark the status of contacts connected via mobile?
Something like that:
Thank you

# by jotzi on 03/13/13 at 15:41:39

Thank you for the fast answer.
I will ask in the SkypePlugin page.
And for Facebook, if there are any developements will you notify it here?

# by jotzi on 03/13/13 at 14:58:58

Great plugin.
I don't know if here is the right place to ask but... is it possibile to implement the same for skype and facebook contacts too?
Thank you