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Backgrounds! Yay!

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No, it doesn't filter, and I don't feel that it's worth adding to the released version. However, here are the changes to add it to your copy.

Navigate to Home -> Library -> Application Support -> Adium 2.0 -> Scripts. Control-click on Now Playing In Adium.AdiumScripts and choose Show Package Contents. Enter Contents and then Resources and double-click on Now Playing.scpt to open it in Script Editor.

Scroll to the bottom and add the following two functions:


on doFilter(theText)
set theText to my replace(theText, "poop", "p**p")
set theText to my replace(theText, "dog", "cat")
return theText
end doFilter

on replace(theText, oldString, newString)
set AppleScript's text item delimiters to oldString
set tempList to every text item of theText
set AppleScript's text item delimiters to newString
set theText to the tempList as string
set AppleScript's text item delimiters to ""
return theText
end replace


In the doFilter function, you'll need to edit the line:
set theText to my replace(theText, "poop", "p**p")
to do the actual filtering you want done. Duplicate the line as many times as you need to create all your filters. Keep in mind that this is a lazy-ass filter and it is case sensitive, so poop and Poop must each have their own filter line. (Yeah, there are probably more efficient ways to do this, but like I said, lazy. :-)

Finally, scroll back toward the top and right above the line that says:

-- comment out the next line to skip truncate feature


set nom to my doFilter(nom)

If you want to filter artist name as well, add:

set art to my doFilter(art)

Quit and restart Adium and you should have a filter. Hope this helps!

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Did you quit and relaunch Adium?