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# by epesse on 01/02/06 at 22:10:33

Cool!!! I thought it was just going to be in the File menu like in gaim, but I think it is better in the contact list : )

# by epesse on 01/02/06 at 22:07:49

Well, maybe you would prefer to have the scripts menu in the toolbar of the conversations window, that way, you just have to write your nickname and not all the /setName{yourNickname}. I type the {} with alt-´ and alt-ç but that is because my keyboard is in Spanish(in an English keyboard, I think is with shift and the pair of keys next to the P) and I also type a ctrl-b to return one character(the }) and type the nickname(sometimes is quicker to type than move your hand to the mouse, I am accustomed to type the } as soon as I see a { and I love this emacs-like keybinds).