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# by mandrake on 09/10/06 at 16:19:33

i know there is an option for borderless windows but it doesn't let you customize the space between the groups or mockie spacing. thanks again.

# by mandrake on 09/10/06 at 16:18:12

how can i group borderless windows ... i just want to have the same as group bubbles but with square edges. thank you.

terminal is the most well designed contact list by the way. it has a perfect composition, balance and use of colors. nice work!

# by mandrake on 01/31/06 at 00:35:09

mmm, very considerate. however, when you do this it send the message to the entire contact list. even the contacts that are offline. how can i only send it to the ones that are online?

# by mandrake on 01/19/06 at 16:06:40

is there a way i can send a messsage to all online users without having to open their windows? thank you.