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# by codepoet on 01/27/06 at 11:18:29

The filename extension. Something like AdiumStatusExtra or something (I, too, am away). It's listed as "adiumstatusextra" or somesuch. Moving it to the proper case fixed it.

As for the "rest" it seems that some items aren't loading properly and I don't know why. I'll look into it more.

# by codepoet on 01/27/06 at 06:26:28

1. The "mobile" item in the plist is entered as "moible" and doesn't work.
2. The package extensions are in lower-case. For users with case-sensitive filesystems, these do not work. Changing them to upper-case works fine.

Other than the whole "not working" bits, good job. What I can see, I like. :) Off I go to learn the plist format to fix the rest...