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# by Lavo on 01/09/06 at 15:52:37

The sounds show up, but there's no preset for it..I think that's it. So you'll have to set them manually.

# by Lavo on 12/16/05 at 11:58:30

pretty cool

# by Lavo on 09/05/05 at 16:05:46

i love it...definitely 5 ducks

# by Lavo on 09/03/05 at 06:01:32

I didn't know what to do with it (I was going to make another overlay, but it would look weird by itself [if you were just idle and not away]) so what I decided in the end was to just leave it blank.

# by Lavo on 07/29/05 at 19:04:10

pretty nice..but in the safari-ish icons set, there's no mobile icon