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# by Félix on 11/03/11 at 03:05:23

I would think that it does, since old styles still work.

# by Félix on 02/28/10 at 21:34:53

Whenever file transfers will work on Yahoo!. It's on the Adium team you have to put pressure, not on me. ;)

# by Félix on 01/08/10 at 00:19:50

Huh, that's a possibility.
That ticket I opened almost a year ago is still unanswered. I'll see if I can work around it.

# by Félix on 10/29/09 at 13:05:19

Uh, not quite sure. I'll add it sometime soon from now.

# by Félix on 02/25/09 at 15:38:44

Sounds like an Adium bug. I've filed a report:
Would you mind if they contacted you to provide some informations?