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# by Bouba on 09/08/06 at 18:31:50

I've never experienced this... and I don't see why it behaves like this (it's in reality just a web page..)
Do you have any screenshots??

Maybe your font is corrupted :

# by Bouba on 09/08/06 at 18:30:03

I'd like to, but I don't think it is feasible... sorry

# by Bouba on 04/10/06 at 17:29:09

A huge thank goes to MeDiCiNe for porting it!! I didn't had time to rewrite it for Adium... I must say that I'm really amazed by your reviews!!! Thanks!

And by the way, kjdenison, you could always use some of the javascripts in it and integrate it in you own theme (the resizable image is a javascript, include it in a table for better layout manipulation to push the rest around. CSS won't do the trick...