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# by subsol on 04/21/09 at 10:25:48

absolutely my point, it's very cool, but the colours are unbearable...

# by subsol on 04/15/06 at 20:45:19

i'm also getting this "iTunes got an error: Can't get name of current track. (-1728)", but maybe it's because i dont actually have any 'music' in my itunes folder ( but i have thousands of samplefiles on my hd ;-) and i only use itunes for listening to radiostreams. could this be the cause?

# by subsol on 04/15/06 at 20:37:13

i can't explain exactly why...but i simply love this one! i guess i tried most of the messagestyles, but this one... is simply the one for me and i can't explain it rationally, it doesn't even really fit what i was looking for, but it's so clean+clear.... sorry for this useless post, i'm not usually so 'irrational', but, hey....