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# by AvG on 07/24/07 at 04:31:02

I agree, at least it would look better in Leopard ;) I have no original files but might make some on my own in a week. Cheers.

# by AvG on 07/24/07 at 04:30:14

You have to use the latest BETA, which is not recommended, but I haven't found any nasty bugs yet. The beta can be found at

# by AvG on 05/13/07 at 08:53:41

UNO - but it only changes everything from brushed style to the unified look in, which I think it's the cleanest and best theme out there. The shareware app Shapeshifter from let's you choose many different themes.

# by AvG on 05/13/07 at 06:07:45

Thanks! though I can't remove the GUI components like scroll bars and title bars, you have to find a 3rd party application for that (which then, perhaps, removes all scrollbars in Mac OS)...

# by AvG on 04/23/06 at 02:00:03

I can't see why it should be twice as big... :/ Any more with this problem?