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# by NiñoScript on 11/28/11 at 04:37:18

Adium 1.5b5 says in it's changelog that it addresses the issue, but I'm having the same problem. I'm on OS 10.7.2
Here's my crash log:

# by NiñoScript on 02/06/11 at 20:11:53

I also want to make it transparent, that would better fit my environment :)

# by NiñoScript on 11/02/09 at 01:26:17

Puede que hayas instalado la versión para el Adium 1.3.x
Prueba con este:

Suerte ;)

# by NiñoScript on 10/02/09 at 05:31:50


I love you :D

# by NiñoScript on 05/02/06 at 19:35:30

hahaha, funny :D

(i agree, the "What's up Doc" should be there)
[btw, english is my second languaje too, im 16 and from Chile ;)]