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# by bberg on 02/10/09 at 17:05:32

awesome. but i disagree with czarlimit (1st post). it sounds too loud for me.
i even edited it to be softer. love it anyway, thanks.

# by bberg on 01/21/09 at 16:39:11

used pixelmator to resize it to 90%. looks perfect now. thanks for the icons.

# by bberg on 09/03/06 at 03:31:42

so cute! thanks

# by bberg on 07/03/06 at 21:23:51

sorry, my adium was a bit weird. the xtra is working just fine - and it's awesome! thanks for it =)

# by bberg on 06/16/06 at 04:39:14

loved it. 5/5. thanks!