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# by rubenarslan on 06/17/06 at 04:06:12

I'll see, I really suck at applescript, so it would require some time, but it might be worth it. Would be better if some guru could take care of it though =).
Yeah, pearLyrics ruled and even the 0.6 version I use now is still better than anything out on the net.
I don't really get, how they could sue him for this, because he does not even provide illegal content, just a way to get it, then they could sue Google too. He backed off because he has no lawyer protection and wants to avoid a legal battle with Warner (of course). There should be some petition to make Warner back off.

# by rubenarslan on 06/17/06 at 03:26:31

I love this and wanted something likes this for long, but it still needs some bug fixes.
First of all: You recommend pearLyrics, which has been discontinued, (but still is available and best on the net).
2. When a song has no lyrics at the time your script checks, it seems to use the old lyrics. This is also so, if pearlyrics is still searching for the song (or if it is instrumental).
–…because is annoying on so many levels I will list the levels: The script seems to check for lyrics on Song Change. If it cannot find any lyrics, the $_lyric variable stays the same as the old. So if I'm listening to Beethoven it might say "? Beethoven - Für Elise [] 'You and me baby aint nothin but mammals'" if I was listening to Bloodhound Gang before. Funny sometimes, but not the way it should be.
–…if the song is instrumental (pearLyrics will usually check every time, because "no lyrics found" does not necessarily mean instrumental, then it will also display the old lyrics (Beethoven case..). I'm thinking of manipulating pearLyrics so, that there is a button that simply sets the lyrics to "?" if is instrumental. That would be best, I guess. Still your variable should be empty if there are no lyrics.
3. I haven't had any blank lines yet, but they would annoy me like hell.

Great work otherwise, I'll have a look at the script myself, if I have time later today.