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# by Dhraakellian on 08/03/07 at 00:56:38

Cool! Kudos from a Kopete user!

This appears to fix the scrollbar problem in Kopete 0.12.1 and later.

A couple questions, however:
I'm seeing the name text as cyan. While this is certainly a color I remember seeing on the old Sony SMC-70, it's a tad jarring with the softer green and amber. If this is intentional (and not just some issue with Kopete), could we have a variant with the original colors?

Would it be possible to have the buddy icon displayed below the text? As it is (and in the old h4x0r too) the buddy icon obscures some of the chat history, particularly in new windows. (I notice that the screenshots here don't show a buddy icon at all, even a broken image icon. Is that an Adium option?)

# by Dhraakellian on 06/26/06 at 13:41:00

I installed Kopete 0.12.0 a while back, and I must say that this has become my favorite chatwindow style.

I did comment out the blinking green cursor, however, and I would like to be able to see the text that otherwise gets hidden behind the avatar, but my css-fu is practically nonexistant. Would it be possible to to make the avatar be in the background, behind the text? Even if it's not possible, I still like the style. Thanks.

Also, the greyed-out text from previous conversations looks really cool in Kopete. Unlike the Adium screenshot here, the grey text still has the blur behind it, which almost seems to give it an orange or green tint.