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# by skellener on 09/09/06 at 01:04:49

This happens on multiple machines. Font is fine.

Apple Li Gothic properly displayed in iChat...

Apple Li Gothic selected in Adium but displayed only as plain text...

Kinda wish user colors were available as well instead of preset ones.

Still a great theme!

# by skellener on 07/18/06 at 16:58:01

Just wondering if the fonts will be fixed anytime soon?

Great theme!

# by skellener on 07/05/06 at 13:47:13

I've been looking for a theme like this. Thanks so much!

The fonts don't seem to work correctly. In particular Apple LiGothic does not work. Any reason for this? Other themes seem to work fine. This is the first that the font doesn't seem to show up in (for me).