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# by prince on 07/13/06 at 10:32:27


# by prince on 07/10/06 at 06:30:03

Oh, not from you.. It's the Status icon on the menu bar.. I was just typing crazy based on all the Hello Kitty Stuff to do. ^_^

# by prince on 07/08/06 at 21:49:10

I love these.. We almost have a complete set of Kitty Krazie stuff.. we are.. however.. still missing one piece! hehehe good work. pR

# by prince on 07/06/06 at 09:06:33

I LOVE IT... ^_~

# by prince on 07/06/06 at 09:03:42

Who is this masked crusador? Alas we might never know.. Just having fun.

^_^ Xxo0O0oxX