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# by suneet on 07/07/06 at 15:12:23

I've done some more searching and came up with a close match although (the white text input field makes it look a tiny bit odd). Try installing the Dark CF message style and changing the background (by checking "use custom background" to Apples "Tungsten" colour, selected from the crayons. It's as close to the contact list as my limited (extremely crap) expertise can provide.

# by suneet on 07/07/06 at 15:02:31

Got to join the petition here. I only started using Adium yesterday and found my way to this site whilst exploring its menu options. After about the first 10 mins of use I was considering uninstalling it and returning back to MSN's official mac client. That was until I found "Black is Beautiful" and the adium dock icon set with the macbooks/powerbooks. It's changed my life completely! Well, slight exaggeration, but it is open on my desktop 24/7 which MSN Messenger never was.

Anyhoo, like I said, I have to join the petition. Please could you make a matching message window style? I can't find any to fit :(