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# by dglenn101 on 10/15/07 at 19:06:51

Great icon, you should make one in the football jersey. Go Blue!

# by dglenn101 on 10/02/06 at 15:48:48

Hey great adiumy, if u had time it would be sweet, if u could make a Detroit Tigers, although we decided to starting sucking at the end we did make the playoffs, if u can make a tigers adiumy that would amazing, if not dont worry about it

# by dglenn101 on 08/14/06 at 15:20:40

ok sounds good, and good luck to ur the wild card

# by dglenn101 on 08/12/06 at 21:27:37

Great icon, the away jersey-great idea, im wiht justin though, wheres the tigers duck?

# by dglenn101 on 08/12/06 at 21:23:23

Great icon, sox are sweet, you should make more icons, for o i dunno the first place tigers, sweet icon