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# by crazy on 01/28/07 at 17:58:10

5 ducks!

I loved MetalChat2 and this pretty much fixed my only gripe with it. The only problem is there's not initial time stamp with people with really long display names, but thats extremely minor.

Virtually perfect :)

# by crazy on 12/29/06 at 16:43:10

Nice work, I like the fact that its a lot bigger than most of the others i've seen.

# by crazy on 10/10/06 at 22:37:07

Awesome! I always end up missin new email messages and stuff like that. Thanks.

# by crazy on 09/13/06 at 20:45:00

Wow, awesome message style :)

The time stamp being only being on two or more consecutive responses and plain-ness of the grey part when there's more than one responses in a row are my only beefs with it. Still, the best style i've seen to date, i've sent screenshots of it to all my PC friends :D