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# by duyvan82 on 09/24/09 at 11:26:13

Excellent update mate, I'm loving!!! I think you should add message grouping, that would make this the best adium message template EVA!!!

# by duyvan82 on 02/16/08 at 21:08:31

too bad, it doesn't support message wrapping :(

# by duyvan82 on 01/18/07 at 05:47:50

I will surely be looking forward to next releases of this message style, if you want to find out how message wrapping works, I suggest you take a look at this style

# by duyvan82 on 01/17/07 at 22:31:14

this is just amazing, thanks for all the hard work.
I have however a small suggestion for upcoming updates of this style, please include message wrapping feature. It's a bit annoying to see long links going off the convo windows..