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# by locusmote on 04/20/07 at 20:30:16

Great idea! It needs tweaking, tho.

Marduk is right about the transparent backgrounds.

What really needs to happen is to make them larger. Right now, their expressions are illegible.

Can you send me the source files? I'd like to try to make a few changes, possibly colorize them slightly to make it easier to tell them apart. I will not upload them as a new set without consulting with you first.

# by locusmote on 10/07/06 at 20:49:55

Both sound sets are amazing. What I am *really* dying for are a few sound samples that I can assign to other events. Preferably the typical "Breathy Japanese Announcement Woman" with super reverb as though echoing through a train station. I'd love to hear her make an announcement when a file transfer started or something.