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# by l355thanz3r0 on 06/18/07 at 23:18:00

this is the most perfect message style i have witnessed, simple, with exactly what i like to see, a little avatar, woot. however, the lack of timestamps, im not a big fan of, if you could add those i would be much obliged

# by l355thanz3r0 on 04/03/07 at 17:43:24

i think if you could add a buddy icon in the top right corner, like in haxor, this would be the perfect style.

# by l355thanz3r0 on 03/27/07 at 12:13:13

when i install it and try to use it it just doesnt show up right period. When i pull up a previous conversation it leaves a little white space at the bottom above the text area and when i open a brand new one the whole window is white and nothing appears when typed. i love the look of it though, very well done

# by l355thanz3r0 on 10/10/06 at 22:32:59

i tried to install it but notihng happened. the dock icon and status icons are great, no idea why this wont work.