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# by Chimpytwm on 11/16/07 at 17:07:03

I will definitely link it right now! Thanks!

As far as anti-aliasing, i'm still new to all this stuff... what exactly does that mean?

# by Chimpytwm on 11/14/07 at 23:02:31


# by Chimpytwm on 11/14/07 at 19:19:10

I don't know how to fix this- i've tried uploading it a million times with a file that works on my computer but it won't work here! if you want this icon, please email me and i will send the file myself! sorry!

# by Chimpytwm on 05/13/07 at 17:57:33

I noticed that too, actually, but I don't know how to fix it!

# by Chimpytwm on 04/22/07 at 18:13:28

thanks for the positive feedback :)