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# by Wonotch on 07/05/04 at 18:06:36

oh man, secret of mana is STILL probably my favorite RPG of all time. this is awesome man :) thanks

# by Wonotch on 05/28/04 at 19:42:03

ahhh, im pretty sure i just got schooled. :) You leanr something new every day. Thanks for the info, ill have to remember this for updates, and for my work-in-progress Shapeshifter theme. :D

# by Wonotch on 05/27/04 at 14:07:04

Excellent message style man. I'm also going to have to agree that the icons are a wee bit small, but the fix that Zac posted is working great for now. A few other things that id like to see with this message style:

An option for alternating icons.

Custom color support. This would be awesome, and i htink it could be do-able with this message style. Even if the code would need quite a bit of reworking, i could see it being possible. That would be awesome! :)

# by Wonotch on 05/25/04 at 22:51:53

Nope, Verdana Bold. I copied the font formatting straight from the website. :)

# by Wonotch on 05/14/04 at 20:22:25

looks good (got it from the forums earlier). you should add some color variations though, such as Grey & White, Green & Grey, etc... you know, some of the iChat style default soft colors. :)