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# by k2rii on 05/28/10 at 06:13:50

Why is it that it does not show when somebody is typing to me?

# by k2rii on 08/10/09 at 21:27:19

Since a very long time I haven't changed the Adium Icon, only now I am doing that. Fantastic design. Sorry to make a negative comment, I would not like that to be seen as a way to say this is a bad icon, not at all, one of the best I have seen. I am not very happy with the way the away icon looks in the dock. Though I find it original with the steps and the bird walking away, it looks very small in the dock and so it makes the whole dock look messy. Awesome icon! Keep up the good work. Cheers!

# by k2rii on 11/19/04 at 04:04:56

I'll upload it again to be sure that it's not my file that it's corrupt

Posted by k2rii at 9:42 PM on 11/19/04