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Submitted By Garrett Grube (Garrett)


Sounds include the Pictochat messenger on the DS, as well as the user preference sounds.

I used the Super Mario sound set by Aaron j Hoffmann as a template to create this. There are more sounds available than those set at default. Thank you.


Added a few more default sounds. Show package contets for a few extra noises.


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# by Susan on 01/13/05 at 01:28:59

wow...totally awesome.

it would be a better if the sounds were a bit louder though.

# by Neneman on 01/14/05 at 03:21:31

exactly, one of the best but it'll be even more better if it were a bit louder.

# by Ryan Rafferty on 01/18/05 at 02:47:24

I have never used a DS, but I love this sound-set- keep up the good work

# by Hanna on 01/25/05 at 03:58:29

Looking forward to the cleaned up version.

# by fritz on 02/12/05 at 19:07:17

Excellent list of sounds but very low. I had to make them louder and remove the noise that they had. Much better now. I am using them right now :)

# by Garrett on 02/15/05 at 22:01:08

if you could, send those this way, it doesnt look like ill get around to fixing it myself, school work and all. thanks

# by fritz on 02/18/05 at 17:59:15

I just saw the post. Where can I send them?

# by Garrett on 02/22/05 at 01:41:40

:) go ahead and mail them to either the above mail or to

# by on 03/01/05 at 02:56:27

Why not use the headphone port and a cable running from that to the line-in on your Mac? Then use an audio-recording app to record the sounds...

And there you go.

# by on 03/04/05 at 12:08:05

Hey, could you please send me the fixed sounds? I would really appreciate it.

# by Fritz on 03/06/05 at 14:55:44

I guess you didn't get my e-mail, sorry. Here is the link I sent you.

# by frost on 03/07/05 at 04:57:27

i like the IM noises, but i hate the buddy sign on/off sounds...sounds like nails on a chalkboard to me

# by Totosan on 03/10/05 at 03:43:59

Can anyone tell me what program to use to turn the volume up on these sounds? They don't seem to be very loud...

Thank You

# by Anonymous on 03/12/05 at 15:39:18

Hey, it would be awesome if someone put up a better version of this! The sounds are subtle but noticeable, but not obtrusive.

Could someone wrap up Fritz's sounds into the set? Maybe also change the Sign on/Off sound too?

# by Garrett on 03/13/05 at 20:54:25

i've redone this with fritz louder sounds, thank you fritz and everyone enjoy

# by imprezions on 03/22/05 at 04:58:33

Much better. Thanks for the great soundset!

# by CaCoker on 03/27/05 at 23:14:03

?Quite noyce yeah!

# by peipei on 05/17/05 at 10:05:29

i like it best

# by on 07/05/05 at 23:48:16

I was looking through the whole site to try and find some decent sounds to play when I send messages, receive them, buddy online, ect. This by far is the best set I found yet. The sounds are good and professionally made. The only down side is that some are a little quite.

# by superjenn on 05/23/06 at 04:51:38

This is my favorite set! The sounds really are lovely, and I actually really appreciate that it's a touch softer than the other sound schemes.

# by myu on 02/16/07 at 09:59:03

Since updating to 1.0 some sounds don't work.. only have option of: close / saved / message / select / open.. other ones disappeared.
This is my favourite sound set and it would be great if all of them worked again with 1.0.

# by Garrett on 08/21/07 at 13:21:30

The issue has been addressed, may new defaults have been made so the sounds now show in the drop-down menus when selecting a sound.

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Fritz for making these louder, Aaron j Hoffmann (used as template), and Nintendo