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Whedonesquism (Buffy, Angel & Firefly)

Whedonesquism (Buffy, Angel & Firefly)

Submitted By BlueRevolution


Inserts random quotes from Buffy, Angel and Firefly. Quotes are downloaded from Joss Whedon's blog. To use the script, type %whedon .

Examples of Quotes:
  • That's the kind of wooly headed liberal thinking that leads to being eaten.
  • We've done the impossible, and that makes us mighty.
  • I swear by my pretty flowered bonnet, I will end you.
  • It turns out massacres are a lot like sitting through God Father 3, once is enough.


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# by on 01/13/05 at 04:21:55

Can this script be part of your identity (appearing with your name, like MSN's plug-in for iTunes), or is it something you manually enter in a conversation?

# by BlueRevolution on 01/13/05 at 05:41:38

it should work fine in your name, away message, profile... anywhere you can use scripts. because of the way it connects to Whedonesque every time you use it, you may see some lag because the script will be running nearly constantly. if that happens it's probably a good idea to take it out again. if anyone would be willing to put together a list of all the quotes from that site, I'd be much obliged - the script would run much faster.

# by on 01/13/05 at 23:38:36

Sorry to be so thick, but i'm kinda new to the script running. do i just put %whedon into my identity, or what? how do i get it into my identity? I'm stoked about it - cool script.

# by BlueRevolution on 01/14/05 at 02:19:16

you can just type it into any chat, or put it in your alias, away message, etc. if you use the script in your alias you will just see the script name (%whedon) but other people will see the result (I'm not exactly quaking in my stylish yet affordable boots).

# by on 01/14/05 at 02:55:34

very awesome! thanks - and excellent script - i'm lovin it.

# by on 01/15/05 at 12:07:08

I'm totally new to all this, so just exactly what to I type and where to use this? I am running OSX Jaguar.

# by BlueRevolution on 01/15/05 at 15:58:54

just type %whedon in any chat, or anywhere you put text that others can see - like away messages, aliases and the like.

# by on 04/01/05 at 03:42:40

i love this script things, looking forward to any updates in the future :)

# by on 06/14/05 at 15:12:10

Oh MY Joss!!!

This is one of the best scripts I've used on Adium yet! HOLY MAJOLY!



# by on 07/24/05 at 17:03:29

true: you are the high priest of the One! Keep spreading the word! ;)

# by Hilde on 11/28/05 at 16:01:35

I only get this error: "grrr argh, curl requests to have been baned, this plugin is overloading our server."

# by ananaBannA on 05/25/06 at 14:19:33

This is kind of... dissappointing. Maybe you just need a better database of quotes to pull from. This is slow to load, and I really wish the quotes had character attributions.

# by consectari on 07/20/09 at 23:30:33

Doesn't work anymore

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7.51kb (1416 downloads)

3.50 / 65 votes
Current Version: 1.0
Last Updated: 01/05/05
All quotes from Joss Whedon (you can tell), Doug Adams for helping me with the cURL call.