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Submitted By Hugo Tovar (codename)


A little greats sounds from the marvellous film by the Wachowski brothers. Smalls cleans and perfects.



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# by Jesse on 02/12/05 at 22:24:22

Nice and short and loud enough to hear them through my speakers over music.

# by on 03/09/05 at 12:38:39

A solid port of the excellent PixelHauset (AIFF format) Matrix sound set. Very nice, short, crisp sounds from the original Matrix movie! This port is _virtually identical_ to "Matrix for Adium" sound set (by 'factoryjoe'). Works as a nice compliment to the significantly longer set of sound and quotes clips from "Enter the Matrix" (by 'Hijuku') as a custom Adium sound set...

# by ChiperSoft on 08/25/05 at 22:14:40

This is wonderfully done. Short clips, well trimmed and effective. Thanks for the nice contribution.

# by zerozoob on 10/22/05 at 08:50:26

This is my favorite sound set right now !! I love it, thanks for the good work !

# by codename on 10/28/05 at 00:44:19

Thanks for yuor comments :-) is my favorite to :-P


P.D. Realy I' don't know how 'factoryjoe' and I can make the same thing at the same time. Even the icon! :-O

# by Shadowsadist on 07/12/06 at 04:57:02

Oh, come on! It would have just been so cool if you placed in the sound during the scene; "Hello, Neo." I know it went something like that... But I would have definitely recognized it. I am good with the whole hearing sense. Anyway... YOU, my friend are good with the whole sixth sense! CREATIVITY...! (If you don't think it has anything to-do, just know it as the seventh sense...)

# by mashby on 08/05/06 at 13:13:27

Great sound set. I downloaded and installed it just to try it out and play around with it, but I've ended up keeping it as my primary sound set. Great audio work and very creative in the sound choices you made. Thank you.

# by ju1i3andcandy on 01/03/07 at 13:59:03

MAGNIFICENT! Short and sweet, and also the best sounds you could have possibly picked, excellent work.

# by Barcode on 12/19/09 at 15:55:52

So nice set, perfectly made!

# by mha on 06/15/10 at 20:54:42

Clean and simple, very nice!

# by codename on 06/15/10 at 21:14:35

Thx to all for your comments. Im glad to know that you like Matrix.

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