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Burned Adiumy 2.2

Burned Adiumy 2.2

Submitted By Brian Waldo (beemer)


Looks like THY's preveiw

Update 2.1: Shadow does not change during connecting
Holds umbrella that says away for away
Awake is not darker that every other image

Thy's does not hold umbrella and has a weird shadow change

thy use the xml



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# by thy on 01/13/05 at 04:27:43

thanks beemer~
thats ok~ just use v2.2

I did fix the XML in 2.1 and this time it actually hold the umbrella while away, and added a new grey umbrella while idle.
but I didn't fix the shadow thing during the connection.

I'll release a v2.3 today or tomorrow, and I'll fix the shadow thing.
but what's the " Awake is not darker that every other image" about?? I don't know what it means~

thanks anyway

# by thy on 01/13/05 at 05:00:10

oh~I guess you're saying all my icons are too dark??
okay~I'll light them up a little bit~
maybe because I'm using LCD....||_||

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thy for bured adiumy 2