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Burned Adium 2.3

Burned Adium 2.3

Submitted By Timothy Fang (thy)


1, the duck is too dark a little bit, so I bright them up.
2, chang the connection pic.
3, no weird shadow during the connection
4, add some smoke after hit by the thunder



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# by beemer on 01/14/05 at 11:39:44

the face changes a bit from asleep to awake

# by Anonymous on 01/14/05 at 13:38:19

it's not necessary to post each update as a separate X(tra). you can just update the binary on your original. that said, you've done a great job on this... very well done.

# by thy on 01/14/05 at 14:08:57

ok||_||~~I didn't notice the face has slightly change...
I'll fix it next time.....~~thanks for reminding me^_^

# by STIAFL on 01/14/05 at 16:23:46

yea this looks great!

# by lains_navi on 01/16/05 at 03:40:15

*laughs* awesome! It's not something I'd use, but man, that's just plain awesome. I love how it looks w/ the smoke coming up. Great job ^^

# by zaudragon on 01/17/05 at 06:59:15

How about adding some smoke while the lightning hits Adiumy?

# by Freak on 05/03/05 at 19:53:39

Yeah, burn that duck *lol*...
great work! :)

# by on 06/29/05 at 09:48:37

haha. so cute! haha i like the smoke..

# by Anonymous on 07/31/05 at 08:05:15

Oh! Poor ducky!

# by Yukio on 10/05/05 at 14:36:13

Nice one....really great.
The idea of a burned duck ...very cool...

# by kateweb on 10/06/07 at 01:29:43

hehe i like it , could you add some not black slight ly roted duck t=just to mix it up a bit?

# by Slash52 on 08/16/09 at 09:29:35

how u make your own icon with the adium dock cuz i knowy ho to make ur own library Library>Application Support>Adium>Dock Icons but i don't know how to make it whit the adium duck

# by sean9 on 11/11/09 at 10:36:00

omg, this is the most awesome dock icon ever! I just created a user just so I could tell you how much you guys rock!

# by thy on 11/13/09 at 06:25:05

thanks :D
very glad you like it.

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