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Juggling Challenge

Juggling Challenge

Submitted By Tom Allen (Schwolop)


Generates random juggling based challenges for you to try. The challenges use only one or two balls, and are worded simply enough to allow even non-jugglers to attempt them. To use the script, simply type /juggle or /jugglingchallenge in a message window or your display name.
A brief glossary of terms follows:
Duplex - throw two balls simultaneously from one hand
Penguin Catch - twist your hand 360 degrees around from the normal palm up catching position in the easier direction, then make a catch with your hand like this. Preferrably with your arm straight and by your hip.
Fork - a catch made where the ball lands on the back of the fingers/hand. Easier with loosely packed footbag type balls.
Pirouette - a 360 degree (typically) spin in either direction, done with one foot remaining on the ground.


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# by on 07/28/05 at 10:23:22

awesome idea, wanna make a version for jugglers? with siteswaps added in there for fun aswell? you could add more moves aswell, like backcrosses and reverse shoulder throws for example.

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17.47kb (538 downloads)

3.40 / 60 votes
Current Version: 1.0
Last Updated: 01/17/05
This script is based on Juggle Juggle Revolution, by Jon Relf. Available as a Javascript game at