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Submitted By Patrick Gibson (patr1ck)


A small script that will grab your external IP address from Useful if you need to communicate your IP address with someone for any reason, such as setting up a server for gaming or other purposes.

UPDATE v1.1: Sorry about the wait all, it works again :)
Usage: /showip


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# by Reikon on 01/23/05 at 02:32:04

Awesome, works great.

# by on 01/23/05 at 04:03:42

works for me and does its job :D

# by Zaco on 01/25/05 at 02:44:57

This doesn't seem to work for me. The script didn't show the right one, I know what it is becuase i set it up with my router. I also checked my IP in my system prefs and it was what it should be, and not what the script said. I do like the idea of the script though, just a few bugs i guess.

# by patr1ck on 01/27/05 at 03:38:38

Zaco: The script shows your IP address as the rest of the internet (anything outside your network/router) sees it. This is known as your external IP address, and yes, you are correct: it is not the same as your internal IP address (the one being reported to you by the system prefs). So it's not actually a bug. I suppose I could write an addition to show your internal IP address. Perhaps I will in the future ;)

# by on 02/03/05 at 15:18:21

Is there a way to get the IP of the person you're chatting with? I'm aware of so-called "IP Sniffers", but haven't found any for the Mac platform.

# by wordsofwisedumb on 08/06/06 at 15:23:50

Until you directly connect with a person their IP is not available to you. You are connected to a server for whatever client you are using that relays all your messages to the person they are intended for. If you want to see all the IP addresses your computer is connected to type "netstat -n" in

# by on 02/05/05 at 13:28:06

this is pretty useful, but it would be better if i could se the ip of the person i chat with..

# by oddfellow on 02/08/05 at 17:33:23

I used to use so, so I really appreciate this.

Of course, now that I'm back at school it seems I have a static ip, but when I graduate, it'll be awesome again.

# by on 02/22/05 at 01:03:47

hey my email is, somone who knows who to runs scrips or where to find them plz email me and tell me. I click on it and it says that is loaded in, ok, so how do i see it or find it or use it...confused plzplzplz help. send email to adress above or my screen name to AIM/Adium is dswink182.


# by on 03/08/05 at 09:28:27

on very special and highly secure networks this doesn't work
i see the ip address after the nat server but not the external because i'm after 2 nat servers or more

# by on 03/15/05 at 10:36:57

I get a "is" instead of an ip-address. Maybe you grab the wrong word from :)

# by snarfer2007 on 03/16/05 at 17:18:21

Is there a way to get a buddy's IP?

# by on 03/16/05 at 17:32:52

Beakid: thanks, I noticed that too. I'll post an update later today.
snarfer2007: No, there isn't.

# by Derek on 04/12/05 at 04:18:18

it would be cool if you could call it with something more question-based, like whenis{date}

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