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Submitted By Audun Wilhelmsen (skyfex)


This message view is based on a design for our upcoming website. It's quite simple and lightweight. It has 5 variants.
  • Standard: Avatar by messages. Not in header.
  • AvatarOne: Avatar in header and messages.
  • AvatarTwo: Avatar in header. Not with messages.
  • HeaderOne: No header. No avatar with messages.
  • HeaderTwo: No haeder. Avatar with messages


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# by on 01/28/05 at 00:10:21

Boy, thats really something like what I was waiting of someone to be released. It's for me one of the better looking styles out there.

Btw, I didn't like just one thing, the white color outside the messages, so I've just changed the css to have it in #CCCCCC in de chat class, I think that it look better for me like this. But it's only a preference of mine. Good work.

# by Brutal on 01/28/05 at 10:40:45

Finally someone releases a message view! It's been a long time since the last release :)

Great style btw!

# by Lavo on 01/29/05 at 03:31:24

I love it!

# by Katha on 01/30/05 at 20:37:49

That's a real good one. Maybe you can center the emoticons in the line?... Dunno... hope you know what I mean lol

# by MBHockey on 01/31/05 at 03:23:47

Beautiful. Thank you.

# by Ryan on 01/31/05 at 15:55:36

Wow, looks great. Thanks a lot!

# by cadet on 01/31/05 at 17:26:58

very very very nice

# by MBHockey on 02/01/05 at 04:00:44

one small problem -- it seems whenever someone doesn't have a buddy icon, it displays that annoying blue question mark box for the avatar in the header...can you change that to something else? Or tell me how to do it?

# by bobby peru on 02/02/05 at 21:33:14

excellent! thx

# by on 02/03/05 at 22:34:44

Great stuff. Regarding the blue question mark issue - maybe using the generic Apple question mark instead (the one you see when an app is missing from the dock, etc.), or that question mark with a greyed-out icon of the service in question behind it. Also, is it possible for the grey bar at the top to extend lower with longer sign-in names (re: MSN)? Currently, the text continues down overlapping the dialogue, while the bar remains the same size.

# by Audun Wilhelmsen on 02/06/05 at 13:24:52

I'll fix the problems you mentioned for the next release. Can't give you any date for that though.
-Question mark buddy icon (wasn't supposed to be like that)
-Center emotion icons
-Fix for long names

I don't have the last problem because I have an alias for all my contacts. I hate those looong nicknames with useless information or emotion icons. The name should either be your real name or a nick name. God. I wish MSN had a status field like AIM.

# by on 02/23/05 at 23:47:17

I love this style. The best I've seen. "Evar."

# by Adrian on 03/06/05 at 22:41:27

I'd like it if you could change the white background behind the message "bubbles"...

# by on 04/07/05 at 22:36:05

Very nice.. Perfect.

# by klenta on 02/03/07 at 01:03:11

I love the style but there is one little thing I would like to see. If there was a style where the inside of the box could support the user's background.

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