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Duck Incredible

Duck Incredible

Submitted By Chip Bunkerman (the_mountie)





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# by infinity on 01/23/05 at 23:48:50

This is really cool. Nice work!

# by danielgrenell on 01/24/05 at 05:02:22

a definite must (and an excellent movie).

# by on 01/24/05 at 06:53:10

good job

# by Jonathan_svm on 01/24/05 at 21:33:39

its excellente! so funny

# by on 01/25/05 at 03:29:56

Do you think you could also make one in the blue suit.

# by the_mountie on 01/26/05 at 00:53:46

hi there,

you mean an "old-fashioned" duck incredible!?!?
should be possible. as soon as i have some time for, i try to work it out.

keep on rockin'

# by on 01/27/05 at 06:47:39

hahah ! great & funny one ! keep up the good job !

# by bob_the_gorilla on 03/05/05 at 21:04:22

I love this. The flap image is now my avatar for, well, everything :D

# by on 05/06/05 at 04:36:00

Oh!!!My God!!! It is so cute~~~~~

# by on 07/09/05 at 05:57:20

OMG this is THE coolest thing i have ever seen.
I dont know computers, but i am sooooo proudi figured this out!


# by AzrimEkim on 12/03/06 at 21:42:19

The business attire seriously makes this sooooo much better.

# by bernyrova on 06/23/09 at 23:43:56

nice !! hey do you do the docs ??? well if you read and want can you made one of swim od somwthing like that thank you
write me in mi wall

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The ducks of Erin Ferrell & Laura Natcher inspired me!