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Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy

Submitted By Johnny Suzuki (jumpers-eye)


a soundset from the Final Fantasy game.


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# by air__devil on 02/24/05 at 07:07:04

You should mention these, if I'm not mistaken, are from Final Fantasy 7. The best of the best.

# by on 03/17/05 at 18:26:17

ahem, i believe FF6 was the best (AKA FF3 on the SuperNES here in the US). best story and characters. now, granted, FF7 was great... really, really great... but FF6? top notch.

# by Anonymous on 04/27/05 at 00:07:30

FF11 is so cool I am lv 25 WM and lv 20 War.

# by jim on 06/18/05 at 15:03:35

uh - no, air devil is most definetly correct. the story, players, graphics... everything was the best in FF7. best game ever created! FF3 was great too, but just not as good

# by castaway on 06/19/05 at 11:26:08

i liked the one with bartz. I believe it was V on the snes.

# by castaway on 06/19/05 at 11:26:08

i liked the one with bartz. I believe it was V on the snes.

# by Malek on 06/19/05 at 22:58:43

Actually, FFIVXX is the best

Hashnok ownz

# by simon on 07/09/05 at 11:33:33

well, ff8 sucked.

# by on 07/24/05 at 04:56:08

ff7 may not have the best graphics, but its by far the best

# by Cruciarius on 11/05/05 at 21:57:19

FF7 is the 3rd best FF title, i have ever played. first being FFCC and 2nd being FFT. FF7 has large boring parts, which put me to sleep. FF8 and beyond, all suck a little bit more than the one before it.

# by Plentyofpaper654 on 01/20/06 at 15:47:32

Chrono Trigger > Any Final Fantasy. All it lacks is a Cid and a Chocobo and it would have been the best of them. But beside that I think some more interesting sound effects could be used. Like the Victory music for logging on.

# by SinsOfTheCentury on 02/18/06 at 17:31:25

I dont know I would have to agree with air_devil FF7 is definitely the best

# by cloudstrife on 05/14/06 at 21:48:11

FFVII and FFX were the best by far. Period. Of course ALL of them are great...

# by Kaiomai on 06/30/06 at 04:22:13

FFVII by a nose, FFVI right behind it, FFX right behind that.

# by enkuturi-akrias on 09/16/06 at 18:46:53

FF7 was the best!!!!

# by vonKarma on 08/31/07 at 01:19:39

This is awesome! I love it. O.o;; ...and.... FFVII is the best. Sorry all VII-haters.

# by Akurin on 01/20/10 at 11:39:08

Hi. When I tried to install this it said that Adium uses a new system for sounds and now it's disabled.. : care to fix or update?

# by jumpers-eye on 01/20/10 at 11:44:54

It is no problem in my system Snow Leopard, Intel Mac and Adium 1.3.10.

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Current Version: 1.0
Last Updated: 01/29/05
original sounds by Square. edited by jumpers-eye