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Submitted By Scott Barnes (tearabite)


Just a contact list style that I set up for myself. I wanted something small and out of my way when I didn't need it that also looked good and none of the others I could find really suited me well. So I put this one together. Hope you like :D



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# by zaudragon on 02/10/05 at 05:37:54

I personally like bubbles, but I'll like this if I did!

# by on 02/11/05 at 17:05:16

that looks sweet

# by kirk on 02/13/05 at 04:08:13

thats a great list style. two thumbs up!

# by on 02/15/05 at 03:50:25

You're so tiny! (im used to my 23" HD Apple LCD... but im not one to brag ;-) Quite nice though, i will check it out!


# by on 02/15/05 at 06:57:25

Hehe... Yeah. I'm on my first Mac ever... The new 1.5gHz 12" PowerBook... It's a tiny screen. But I love it... A 20" cinema screen would rock. Anyway, thanks for the positive feedback on my list style.

# by on 02/20/05 at 12:44:38

nice wallpaper. where can i get it ?

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