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Submitted By Takumi Murayama (zaudragon)


Like ProtoScroll, it has the same variants, and two extra, which have the Smoth Operator background.

This has consecutive times, which I missed in the original ProtoScroll.

Also, the header is in Times (my favorite font!)

The original ProtoScroll background is listed as whiteback and whitebacknobar



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# by MusikMicah on 02/20/05 at 19:49:02

pretty....... damn....... nice......

# by on 02/20/05 at 20:00:52

i don't see how this is different from the smooth operator message view?

# by Superjeremy on 02/20/05 at 20:33:04


# by SJ3000 on 02/20/05 at 20:58:38

i forgot to ask, is there anyway you can place the timestamp of the first message right next to the text of the first message? :D

# by zaudragon on 02/22/05 at 01:17:36

derek: it has scrolling :P It also has no buddy icons except at the top of the message view. SJ3000: I'll do just that! But, do you want to have it also at the beginning of the message to the right?

# by zaudragon on 02/23/05 at 05:12:58

SJ3000: I can't get the first message time to work

# by SJ3000 on 03/01/05 at 03:23:05

still, a very good job zau :)

# by on 03/08/05 at 03:56:05

It would be awesome if the "smooth scrolling" feature could be converted as a plugin or AppleScript if at all possible. Better yet, if Adium could integrate the feature into a future release soon, divine!

# by zaudragon on 03/08/05 at 05:46:25

tontamoo: I can make a file that you replace to get this functionality. Move the LONG tag from the template.html file and paste it into Footer.html. Now, restart Adium, and you should have smooth scrolling :D

# by YOTERYE on 11/19/10 at 07:38:29

how to download??

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