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Futurama Soundset

Futurama Soundset

Submitted By Marcelo002 (marcelo002)


A few sound bites from one of my favorite shows. All gathered originally from


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# by Anonymous on 02/28/05 at 21:34:26

Love it love it love it...huge futurama and fam. guy fan...pure pwnage
But i was wondering how one can do his own soundsets...what tools are required and would be appreciated!

# by Marcelo002 on 02/28/05 at 22:08:57

It was quite easy, actually. I went to the site listed above, went through all their sounds files (a lot of them). I picked out what I thought were the good funny ones, and cropped it using Quicktime. To make the actual soundset, i just put all the sound files in a folder, changed the text file that you can find inside other soundsets, and added ".AdiumSoundSet" to my folder name. It will automatically become a valid soundset. I recommend using mp3s, not wavs to save on space.

# by Anonymous on 03/01/05 at 20:28:00


# by Anonymous on 03/01/05 at 20:38:53

How exactly can u cropp wave or mp3s with quicktime?

# by marcelo002 on 03/01/05 at 20:48:59

open up the mp3 in quicktime, and use the two little arrows at the beginning of the track to select the portion of the audio that you want (you can also use the shift key). Then just select "Trim" from the edit menu to crop it and then export it to whatever format you want. I have quicktime pro, but I'm not sure if you need it to be able to trim and export.

# by on 03/02/05 at 03:11:35


# by wunderwood on 05/07/05 at 10:34:24

I love this sound se. Makes me laugh. And yes you need quicktime pro to crop sound files. You may be able to use GarageBand if you don't have quicktime pro.

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