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Skype Sounds v1

Skype Sounds v1

Submitted By Black Leopard (blckleprd)


Slype Sounds v2 up and running!

This is just a quick soundset whipped up to nestle in nicely with Skype. Users of skype will find that the sounds are unobtrusive and easily recognizable. So I figured, why not make Adium the same?

- Black Leopard


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# by on 03/02/05 at 01:13:58

Kinda quiet...

# by on 03/02/05 at 02:32:51

Quiet? How so? I can make it louder...

- Black Leopard

# by trebe on 03/28/05 at 21:53:05

skype roxorz

# by on 04/23/05 at 09:59:10

Sweet. Thanks for this. :)

# by STIAFL on 04/25/05 at 04:29:05

you get 100%

# by on 04/25/05 at 12:28:18

Awwww. Thanks Guys!

- Black Leopard

# by Moldarin on 12/08/05 at 08:26:02

Maybe you could give us an updated version with sounds from Skype 1.4 beta version too?

They uses a new set of sounds as default.

# by blckleprd on 12/22/05 at 21:29:41

Sure! Although the new sounds aren't as nice.

# by blckleprd on 12/22/05 at 21:45:09

New Soundset finished! It's currently awaiting moderation.

# by blckleprd on 12/28/05 at 19:11:48

# by Bureau-C on 06/01/08 at 16:12:40

Yes, volume is too quiet. In average, their max level is -30dB.

A sweet spot (if there is any) would probably be to normalize them to around -5-6dB.

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Sounds All From Skype Except For The Blow And The Bottle Sound From OSX