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Submitted By Marcelo002 (marcelo002)


Caldium displays a calendar with the current day underlined, suitable to put in a profile, perhaps an away message. In addition, it can also display your upcoming events in your iCal calendars up till your choices of days. Furthermore, it can also show "Today in History", fun events that happened today.

usage: /cal{number of days to lookup, yes or no} (example: /cal{0, no} or /cal{3, yes})
Enter 0 for no iCal lookup
Enter 1 for just today's event
Enter x for today's events plus upcoming events for the next x-1 days... (the more days, the slonger it takes to run)

Enter yes to list events which happened on that day, based on Mac OS X'x own history calendars.

Well, I decided I needed a calendar in my profile, so i made this little script that calls the cal unix command. It simple and easy to do. New version adds upcoming events from your iCal.
Looks nice in a profile...

Version 2.0: adds ( ) around the current date. Much prettier now, i think.

Version 3.0: You can now enter a lookup number to display today's events or your upcoming events.

Version 4.0: REALLY big update. Added support for "Today in history". Now works for all-day events. Correctly identifies present day in calendar. Still working on recurring events...

Version 4.5: Fixed problem with displaying current date on calendar. Underlines the current day now. Still working on doing repeating events, sorry, if you have any ideas, feel free to share...

Please feel free to leave feedback on how its working for you(formatting, speed, and stuff like that), and other extras you want for it...

Credit to Zaudragon for giving me the idea for the "Today in History" part.

Give me ideas, and your name could be here...



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# by Reikon on 03/03/05 at 07:51:14

Awesome. Good job man.

# by Anonymous on 03/03/05 at 11:42:19

its my bday today...just like today is this scripts bday...:)

# by brutal on 03/03/05 at 14:18:32

I don't see the point in having a calendar in my profile, though..

# by on 03/08/05 at 01:10:26

hmm nice and all -- love it actually.. but All Day Events dont seem to work with it.. wanna add this in!? :-D

# by on 03/10/05 at 19:39:01

Really cool idea. The only downside: can't get today's tomorrow's or any days' events to display at all... weird?

# by on 03/10/05 at 22:25:28

Hey this is really neat...I like having it in my away message just so people wonder how i did having the same problem as everyone else as far as displaying events...I think that you need to specify a calender within iCal to make it work. I hope that helps you make it work. Maybe you could just have it find out what calender is on top and use that one. good work anyway.

# by capacity on 03/12/05 at 17:52:54

Not only do all-day events not show up, but repeated events do not work with it either. Nice script though.

# by zaudragon on 03/20/05 at 04:31:32

I thought of the Today in History thing ;)

# by marcelo002 on 03/20/05 at 07:41:03

I wanted to credit you earlier, but i forgot who had told me about it. All fixed now, thanks again for the idea

# by laxstar on 05/17/05 at 04:21:17

maybe its just the way it works, but the colors and fonts are not respected, would it be possible to implement that??

BTW this script is sweet, thanks!!

# by R031E5 on 07/27/05 at 14:34:54

Hey! good Idea, I love it and my buisness partners too

# by Impulse29 on 09/15/05 at 15:05:38

wow, this action is elite... I mean, really wicked. So wicked, that the xtra id number is 1337:D

I have a busy schedule, and would like that adium says exactly what I am doing or where I am. This is amazing:)

# by Zelf24 on 07/09/06 at 18:04:40

Upon Caldium's latest install in the Adium 1.0 betas I've had an issue where Caldium displays dates (that contain today's date) without its first number. ie: today is July 9th. In the rest of the calendar, the 19th and 29th is displayed as "9" as well. I've noticed that it has done this with every day leading up to today.

Running 10.4.7 and Adium 1.0b4

# by loadedsith on 03/18/08 at 04:02:00

maybe not showing unchecked cal's would be best, most people that see this from me get the weather forecast too

# by muhindin on 10/15/08 at 07:31:21

With the iCal, can you sync your chat into iCal or come up with one, where you can sync chat

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