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Submitted By sdh


here is my second dock icon, i think it is a BIG improvement from my last. for example the alert animation has 11 frames in it.

im curios about what you think, post your comments.


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# by evands on 03/04/05 at 02:47:35

hehe, this is fun :)

# by air__devil on 03/04/05 at 03:39:07

What.... is it?

# by on 03/04/05 at 05:56:03

Haha, its so adorable. Nice animation too. :)

# by air__devil on 03/04/05 at 06:04:14

Don't get me wrong its cute as can be. And look how gleeful it is! But ... what is it??? :D

# by sdh on 03/04/05 at 10:55:08

no one knows who or what bunchie is. he is a mystery, leeping trough the unknown.

# by Jasper the master on 03/04/05 at 10:59:51

Like it a lot

# by sdh on 03/04/05 at 11:23:22

ive come up with a few things im gonna add, but dont really have the time yet.

# by Josh on 03/04/05 at 15:03:55

great job! I wish more things had long animations.... (HINT!)

# by Joe on 03/04/05 at 15:36:31

Wow, Aaron's bunchie has spread throughout like wildfire. It's so weird. Who knew?!

# by on 03/05/05 at 04:40:25

He is a llama. From Peru. Silly faces.

# by on 03/08/05 at 07:11:17

Hahaha - this is awesome. However, I'm sure I've seen this identified as a "Kelet" before...

# by Senshi on 03/24/05 at 20:19:58

The Bunchie is what you get when you crossbreed a llama with a penis. True story.

# by SyntheticEntity on 04/23/05 at 21:48:20

Haha! That's too funny! Nice job

# by Freefall on 05/04/05 at 16:34:09

I know the original creator of the bunchies.
He'll be so proud! XD

# by Anonymous on 06/26/05 at 23:22:23

holy crap this is adorable!

# by Anonymous on 07/31/05 at 07:42:26

This is so great! I LOVE IT!

# by seaj11 on 01/17/06 at 16:51:11

Adorable! I don't need to know what it is to enjoy it. I love how it runs and stands up when you connect. Great work!

# by arg on 03/12/06 at 17:38:41

AH! i love bunchie! i wish someone would breed llamas to look like that! or get ahold of some toxic waste. bunchie is your friend.

# by BlackandWhitePenguin on 02/06/07 at 03:56:43 a creepy sort of way. Regardless, very cool.

# by flawless1979 on 05/17/07 at 21:01:38

hey this is cool thanks for the upload

# by baRRy on 08/04/08 at 14:17:58

that's mint

# by Pengyfinfin on 08/29/10 at 23:53:40

kewl :3

# by Pengyfinfin on 08/29/10 at 23:56:12

em how do i use them >.>

# by Bunchie on 03/17/11 at 03:11:08

im here to eat a duck lol i no the ltrics

heres a llama theres a llama
theres another little llama
fuzzy llama
funny llama
llama llama duck

and then ya so...

# by igit on 04/29/11 at 05:27:56

how I love it. Just the connecting bothers me a little bit.

# by Noah888 on 02/24/12 at 23:14:40

PLEASE make a mouse cursor out of it because its so funny and cute

# by Noah888 on 02/24/12 at 23:23:23

I found out how to make it your desktop backround and it even moves! just right click the top pic save image as whatever you wanna call it oh and save it to your desktop. then right click it then click open with windows picture and fax viewer then again right click the picture and click set as desktop backround make it is set to center or it will lag so then enjoy the green bunchie of joy.

# by Noah888 on 02/24/12 at 23:24:03

amazing i love it so much

# by sam123 on 08/07/13 at 10:24:39

no one knows who or what bunchie is. he is a mystery, leeping trough the unknown. parfüm

# by Mobilecruze on 08/23/13 at 09:49:50

Beautiful! Bunchies are really good I liked them......

# by Gadgetplug on 08/23/13 at 13:32:19

Wow! It is really a great thought.... Bunchies are cool... Thanks for sharing...

# by champsgames on 11/05/13 at 12:42:31

llama are really funny and cool. It is good to find different status symbols than routine smiley symbols.. Thanks for sharing..

# by newfrivgame on 12/29/13 at 23:40:46

Wow! Good to find llama in different moves.. There are really funny and cute..

Enjoyed visiting your blog....

# by gethdwallpaper on 11/06/14 at 22:35:44

It is really funny to watch Bunchie icons. Hope everyone had a great time here...
keep posting...

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