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Milk Mokie

Milk Mokie

Submitted By Auric Goldfinger (auric)


This has nothing to do anymore with mokie, but I started to change the default Mockie style, so I kept the name. The images are modified images from the Smooth Operator theme
    • Big and small icons
    • Hide your own buddy (you know how you look like)
    • alternating buddies (you right, other left or you left, other right)
    • buddy icons right or left
    • no buddy icons
    • own buddy icon smal
    • One Protocol Edition (last screenshot)
    • Smooth scrolling edition
    NEW in this version
    • added a smooth scrolling version (Smoscro - gee I really need to figure out another method, Now there are four editions... maybe I'll split up the smooth scrolling editions)
    • Long names are truncated with ... in the "sender" line (perhaps I should do this too in the status messages...) that might be an idea
Oh, and the font in the screenshot is Bimini and if you want it to look completely as Milk, don't use the default background, but use a white one...


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# by on 03/05/05 at 11:54:46

dammmn, I love this MSN view man...your my hero :D

# by on 03/05/05 at 11:55:30

msg view sorry... its 5am here keep in mind :p

# by 61Tipo61 on 03/05/05 at 14:04:15

This is Awesome!

# by ColdFlame87 on 03/05/05 at 18:40:58

Please Please Please make one without the icon i love the way this looks but the huge icon just doesnt get me. If not at least make it smaller or variants

# by BlueRevolution on 03/06/05 at 06:47:48

I agree. the style is really sexy but the icon overpowers it.

# by on 03/06/05 at 20:56:14

Yup, have to agree, looks really nice, though the icons take up way too much space for my tase.

# by auric on 03/06/05 at 21:05:00

Ok, now I HAVE to react ^.^
I created this theme because I wanted to see the full sized buddy icons in MSN (though I almost don't use that anymore) and Yahoo. And I thought: perhaps there are others who prefer big icons in stead of small ones :)

Now, I'm working on "Variants", but I struggle with some coding issues

Check back later ;)

# by zaudragon on 03/07/05 at 23:45:54

Yeah, use ProtoScroll's code for the bar; it's not too hard, since I think there is an option to make the first message top or bottom align

# by SJ3000 on 03/09/05 at 20:56:34

good update :D

# by air__devil on 03/09/05 at 21:32:51

Is there a way to get rid of the protocol badge for those of us who just use one protocol?

I love the msg view but it would be a little nice I think if that dumb AIM guy wasn't mocking my every IM.

Good work, dude!

# by on 03/10/05 at 19:20:13

yes, another vote for ditching the service badgets. Very unnecessary, distracting visual blemish. Otherwise this theme rules, it's my new default

# by macaddct1984 on 03/11/05 at 14:33:46

Yay! No buddy icons :D

Some variations in the color of the names would be nice. Maybe something closely resembling the new(ish) blue Milk theme?

Great theme overall though :)

# by zaudragon on 03/12/05 at 02:27:10

Add Smooth Scrolling maybe?

# by rattboi on 03/12/05 at 12:13:53

it seems that there are issues just clicking on links with this message view. Otherwise, I love it.

# by Peach on 03/13/05 at 10:12:50

Nice work!
This style should become the new default style!
.. To bad that I don't rule the world.. oh wait, ignore that remark.. I 'm a fucker :)

Still a nice style though;
Grtz Peach

# by zaudragon on 03/13/05 at 15:43:56

Hey! You put the Smooth Scrolling in Template.html! ProtoScroll b0rked in 0.8, so put the Smooth Scrolling in Footer.html!

# by STIAFL on 03/13/05 at 18:17:05

OPE new version.. awesome

# by on 03/14/05 at 00:06:04

I love this message view, but I can't click on links, so I can't use it. :(

# by auric on 03/14/05 at 08:08:35

Whiteangel: that's strange, 'cause I fixed that problem ... I can click them... NE1 else has this problem? Can you give an example of an URL that doesn't work?

# by on 03/15/05 at 05:09:50

This messageview is awesome...smoooooth.

# by on 03/15/05 at 12:10:12

I redownloaded it and now the urls work! Thanks alot !

# by on 03/22/05 at 08:50:10

this thing is great, BUT

1. it breaks lines when you insert links. can you fix this?
2. how can i adjust the line heights? it gets a little fucked up when you use it with MSN and also when people are using msn emoticons in their names: their names fall out of the bar when they close the conversation window for example.

can you fix this and add a msn friendly version? that would rock BIG TIME.

# by Anonymous on 03/23/05 at 03:54:40

Could you make a version without the smooth scrolling? The scrolling messages slow down other programs on my computer.

# by tab on 04/08/05 at 11:15:35

I'm using a buddy icon with transparency background. When I use this message view style, the buddy icon has a white background. How can I remove it? Thanks.

# by Shark on 04/09/05 at 01:43:04

I really like this style since you included smaller sizes awesome job :)

# by STIAFL on 04/17/05 at 15:47:28

when the scrolly comes back, can u include a version with out the scrolly? im loving it without :D

# by gottacoppafeel on 04/18/05 at 01:44:13

if this same style was available in a translucent apple black and white theme for the message boxes it would be awesome.

# by Auric on 04/18/05 at 07:54:20

gottacoppafeel, what exactly do you mean?

# by zaudragon on 04/24/05 at 15:03:44

Here's another Message Style that can use my fixed script in ProtoScroll 2.1!

# by zaudragon on 04/24/05 at 15:13:46

Eh, ProtoScrollMod 2.1

# by ritz on 05/12/05 at 22:21:46

u could say it?s not supported by OS 10.2.8 jaguar...

# by zaudragon on 05/17/05 at 23:25:43

ritz: all of them aren't. And there is a page about that here too:

# by on 06/13/05 at 15:51:45

What font have you been using whle taking the screenshots? and how can i make it look PRECISELY ike the shots?

# by zaudragon on 06/13/05 at 21:07:21

“Oh, and the font in the screenshot is Bimini and if you want it to look completely as Milk, don't use the default background, but use a white one...”
That was in the description

# by on 07/05/05 at 19:39:42

I LOVE it! And finally a theme with full-sized icons ;) i know people have been complaining about this but I do like to use it

# by lalalalalala on 12/30/05 at 21:18:41

it rocks but im new to aduim and i dont even kow how to change ma pik plz reply

# by verlaine on 02/05/06 at 04:40:55

it doesn't show up in message styles

# by kayana on 02/20/12 at 08:37:43

i think it's boring

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