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Poker Adiumy

Poker Adiumy

Submitted By Wesley Underwood (wunderwood)


He's got an ace under his sleeve?
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# by Reikon on 03/16/05 at 16:04:33

You know it's "Poker" right? I wasn't sure if the misspelling was intentional or not :x Good Icon either way! :)

# by wunderwood on 03/16/05 at 18:46:54

I know. I got it right on my website. I get dyslectic.

# by Reikon on 03/16/05 at 19:36:06

I'm dyslexic too. :)

# by rhythmicmoose on 03/17/05 at 00:40:57

Boooooo! Seven card draw is for sissies!

# by Githon on 03/17/05 at 14:27:10

Nono, he's just cheating :)

# by sdh on 03/17/05 at 17:08:50

shouldnt the left wing shadow be shorter in flap mode? -because hes holding his wing towards his body, like in sleeping mode. otherwise great icon! as always wunderwood.

# by capacity on 03/17/05 at 23:28:17

The duck has 6 cards in his right wing, plus the ace under his left wing. That's one too many if he's supposed to be cheating while playing a 5-card game (i.e., what most people play). And yeah, the right wing's shadow in flap mode is too big. Otherwise, it's great. :)

# by Anonymous on 04/21/05 at 05:07:03

god you people are picky! Just enjoy the icon who cares about these little things! Learn something from the Windows Users

# by worfdabblechunk on 05/05/05 at 02:13:17

gag! he said windows!

# by wunderwood on 05/05/05 at 05:58:25

Quality is in the details. OS X is beautiful because of details. That said, I doubt I'm going to make any change to this guy anytime soon.

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Artwork by Adam Betts and Wesley Underwood. Icon by Wesley Underwood.