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Submitted By Marcelo002 (marcelo002)


AwayCal sets your away message based on the current event on an iCal calendar. For example, if you have a calendar of your class schedule, awaycal will set your away message to the current class you're in (or skipping ;) )

usage: /away{calendar name, alternate away message} (example: /away{work, not here right now} or /away{classes, default})

Enter the script as your away message.

The alternate away message will be in effect if there is no event scheduled for that time.

Version 2.0 will have support for recurring events, I promise..

Please feel free to leave feedback on how its working for you(formatting, speed, and stuff like that), and other extras you want for it...

NOTICE: I will not be able to work on my scripts until fall semester starts due to my busy schedule and lack of a good (read: non-PC) computer.


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# by Rhett on 03/20/05 at 03:29:52

Will worship you when support for recurring events is added.

I've wanted this feature for as long as Adium has existed!

# by zaudragon on 03/20/05 at 04:30:20

hmmm... doesn't it display an extra space if you have a space in after the first comma?

# by adam on 04/08/05 at 21:02:08

i can't figure this out...

can't i just type /away in my away message for it to work?

# by marcelo002 on 04/08/05 at 21:22:38

no, you have to add the calendar name and the default message you want. Version 2 will let you use all of your calendars as an option. However, version 2 wont be ready till after I finish my papers and projects but before my final exams...

# by SirWonkus on 04/18/05 at 21:07:06

hey, finish up those finals make this work!! would be a neat little script for sure if would pick up recurring events.

# by Diatribe on 11/29/05 at 17:57:33

Recurring events and more calendars (the best would be support for those nested calendars in iCal 2) would be awesome to have. I'd greatly appreciate you adding these. :)

# by andrewconti on 02/13/06 at 15:23:35

Hey, what's happening with this script? I made one for iChat, but I recently converted to Adium, is there anything I could contribute to this project?

# by superunknown on 02/15/06 at 14:41:50

Just posted this in iCal2Adium:
Is the following possible? I would like my status to be _set_ to away when there's an event in my Work calendar. I use my laptop at work, and would like the status to be changed automatically based on iCal events. Furthermore, I'd like the status message to say "In Meeting" without revealing what meeting I'm in.

# by twopeak on 02/27/06 at 10:49:33

This script is great!!!
To me it would be more usefull to have a script that checks the calender itself, and if there's no activity and there's a calendar event, then it has an action.

# by gandalfxviv on 08/22/08 at 14:15:07

Is there a way to make it so that my status is Available if I have nothing going on in my iCal calendar, but to Away or Busy or something if I do?

# by pyrofallout on 06/17/09 at 00:45:25

So I am guessing there is not gonna be a Version 2.0?

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